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When I worked for the homebuilders and developers directly, my license always tied me to representing their best interest. In starting my own practice, I wanted to make sure that I always represented my own client's best interest (aka, that's you!) Whether you are planning to buy or sell, or even just in the early process of considering your options. My experience and expertise in the real estate industry, is now YOUR experience. 

we'll figure it out

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Let's talk about it!

Based on your goals, what you pay in rent, what your plans are for the future... It may, or may not be. There's only one way for us to find out.

When buying your first home, the biggest question that you probably have is:  "Is now the right time?" Especially with everything going on in the market.

I've been wondering if its time to buy my first home...

Let's make plans!

Based on your goals, what you pay in rent, what your plans are for the future... It may, or may not be. There's only one way for us to find out.

If you already own a home, and you want to move up to that larger home, you may be struggling with HOW to do this at the same time. Especially with the way the market seems these days. Wondering if you are going to make a mistake halfway through.

I am thinking it may be time to upgrade to a bigger home...

yess, please!

I've still got quite a few connections in the industry. I have a list of current communities on the market, any available inventory and an inside line on any special incentives. Let's discuss what could work for you.

New construction homes are kind of my specialty. I've worked for both the local homebuilders or developers and the big national homebuilders. I've got all the inside tips to help you buy the home of your dreams in new construction. 

New Construction

you're invited to experience first class

My first real career was at Nordstrom and to this day, I still contribute the principles instilled as the fundamental foundation of striving to provide my clients with the best service within my ability. It was about the experience! 

I look back at my own experiences in buying a home and I want to make sure that my clients feel that there is a difference in my work ethic and the little things that I do to go the extra mile for them. 

I am continuously learning, studying, connecting with other fellow agents, all with the purpose of being the best agent I can be and making my clients feel good in knowing that I am handling every step above and beyond. 

Luxury isn't a price point. It's a level of service.

the sweet is always in season

In starting my real estate career in a (declining) shifting market, I have always had to make the best out of what felt like the worse. This has given me an edge in resiliency and to learn to be a lit bit scrappy. Instead of feeling defeated when an obstacle arises, it presents the opportunity to get curious and try new things to keep us moving forward. I always love this phrase about making lemonade out of lemons because I have found that during lemon season, you truly do have to create new opportunities for the abundance of lemons that arise! 

Lemonade, Arnold Palmers, Lemon Cake, Lemon Bars, or my favorite cocktail is a French 75 - gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, topped with some bubbly champagne. Personally, prefer vodka over gin. Tito's. *cheers*

When Life Hands You Lemons, you make lemonade (or something stronger!)

a cup of positivity

I am one that always looks on the bright side. Even when everything feels like its going wrong, I try to see it through to the other side. All the way through until we are in fact on the other side. 

In real estate there are many things beyond our control! And I am definitely one to feel like I would like to control everything!

Know that if you call on me, I will always take the good with the bad, shine my solar powered flashlight on all-the-things, and get them handled. 

Some people get sick of that sugary sweet optimism on my part, but trust in me when I believe in the magic and smallest of miracles that keep us moving forward!

Glass half full optimism, served daily.

ohana means family

My parents were born in the Philippines, but grew up in Hawaii. For basically my whole life, going to visit grandparents meant flying to Hawaii. I was pretty much a teen before I realized that people flew to Hawaii just for vacations. 

Ohana is a Hawaiian word that can mean "home" or "family". In our culture, growing up, everyone is basically family. Even family friends of my parents or grandparents became my Aunties and Uncles. Or you my cuz. 

When we attended a party (or hosted one!), it pretty much felt like the whole island was in attendance. And... we were all family!

If we meet, or even better, have the opportunity to work together, know that there is high likelihood that you will become a part of my family's Ohana. 


in the business of aloha style hospitality

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If you've been wondering whether now is the right time to make a move... I have no idea. But, there's only one way for both of us to find out. I'm not what you may think of a typical real estate agent would say. It's not always the best time. Let's figure this out.

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