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In my 19+ years as a real estate agent, I've sold over 1,000 homes in the silicon valley & Sacramento area.
If you're looking to buy a home anywhere in the SF Bay area or Sactown, I'm your girl

THe current real estate market is evolving
day by day, don't worry... I've got a plan to navigate!

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I'm here to help you make your next moves in real estate!

Even as a real estate agent myself, when buying my first home, I remember feeling very overwhelmed and "out of the loop". But, because of my personal buying experience, it has always been important to me that  every single homebuyer I helped felt supported and had a good idea of what to expect next, step by step. There are so many steps to buying or selling a home! Add to that the swings in the market or economy and how that can affect buying or selling and it can be pretty dang confusing!

In every market shift that I have experienced, real estate homeownership has always been the biggest source of creating wealth. If you want to buy your first home, or sell your current home to buy your "next" home, consider me as your personal real estate expert to help guide you through to the other side. 

Whether its meeting for the first time, just a strategy session to give you some of your next moves, attending open houses with you, or closing on your next purchase, I can't wait to celebrate and clink glasses with you!


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I've been practicing real estate for over 19 years and I know my way around a few market shifts. i can't predict the future, but I can help us learn from what happened in the past to help move you forward.

Regardless of what the news says, life will tell you when you are ready to make your next (or even your first!) real estate purchase. Think of any time you have made a move in your life. I have found that it's usually centered around a life change: moving out of a family home, buying your first place, getting married, having a baby, relocating, moving your last baby out on to college or adulthood, and so on, and so on. Because of this, there is a buyer for every home. And it happens in the time it needs to happen. 

After working in the California real estate market for almost 2 decades, I have seen a few shifts, both up and down. My unique background in working with homebuilders and developers allowed me to not just work with one buyer and one home at a time, but often whole neighborhoods or buildings. I've learned that in any market, there is a buyer for every home. And the price it sells at is determined by what the market demands it to be. A home sells for what a seller is willing to sell it for and what a buyer is willing to pay for it. While the current interest rates for a loan, the economy, or the amount of supply or demand, can affect the price you buy or sell at, the driving force behind what the "right" price is, is "why" a seller or buyer is making the change. 

There are also a lot of steps to buying or selling a home. As much as I wish you can Google "how to buy/sell a home" there is not quite a full guide book that could possibly prepare you how to navigate. Having the right real estate agent and the experience they bring with them can help you feel supported every step of the way. What I've learned is that the level of experience a Realtor® possesses does not come from a transaction going right, it comes from everything that could or has possibly gone wrong and how to course correct it! I personally go through every step with you and give you an update at each milestone so you will always know exactly what is happening, what is coming next, and whether we are on track to keep moving forward or in need of some adjusting. 

Even if you are in the early steps of considering making your next move, I would love to schedule an initial consultation with you so we can explore our opportunities to work together for any of your real estate needs. 

I'm here to help!

whether you are ready to buy your first home,
sell your first home and move up to that next home, or find your forever home...

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Dianna truly gives the impression that she cares; she listens to the issues you have and helps talks you through the possible outcomes/solutions based on her experiences and pulls in the necessary resources if she can't solve the issue herself. Her response times to email messages and texts are excellent (unbelievably fast). 

— Jackson P.

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I feel like all of the places you have called "home" offer a picture into the story of how you have lived your life.

I currently call the Bay Area home, but I am originally from Sacramento. I grew up in "The Ville" or Roseville, a suburb north of the State capitol. 

A city girl at heart, I lived in a penthouse on the border of downtown and midtown across from Capitol Park at 15th and L streets. 

I was lucky to call Napa Valley home for a few years and lived in St. Helena. 

I moved back to the Silicon Valley a few years ago and recently purchased a home in San Jose. I also lived in Dublin and Pleasanton while my son was in school. 

My parents grew up in Hawaii and we spent many of my summers or holidays visiting my grandparents or family there. We still own a family home on Oahu and I try to visit as often as I can. 

I jet away to La La Land when I have a moment to myself. The sunshine, the beaches, and the swaggy scenes. Find me there, playing a local, often!

home is where the heart is.

Me & My hometown(S)

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If you've been wondering whether now is the right time to make a move... I have no idea. But, there's only one way for both of us to find out. I'm not what you may think of a typical real estate agent would say. It's not always the best time. Let's figure this out.

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